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Our Mission:
“To serve as a resource for families, professionals, schools and organizations in meeting the needs of children who are blind or visually impaired.”

Who We Are

The National Foundation for Blind Children has its roots in the unique and sometimes groundbreaking programs for blind children developed to meet the needs of these children in communities across the country. Developing and disseminating programs that prepare children who are blind or severely visually impaired for independent living are the main focus of Foundation efforts.

Since blindness is a low-incidence disability, children who are blind tend to be isolated, often being the only one in their family, church or school who has a visual impairment. In addition, schools are struggling to address all the areas of the expanded core curriculum (ECC) for these students. Areas of the ECC include independent living, career education, assistive technology, recreation & leisure, social interaction, visual efficiency, compensatory skills, and orientation & mobility.

Extra-curricular programs for children who are blind and visually impaired can help fill the gap by providing these children with additional opportunities for concept development in all areas of the ECC. These programs also give students the chance to interact with other children who are blind and visually impaired, developing positive relationships that foster self-esteem. There are many agencies, schools and organizations nationwide that have developed unique and effective programs. The National Foundation for Blind Children identifies “best practices and programs” from the field of children’s programs and provides a forum for sharing those practices.

We hope you find the program ideas outlined on the website useful in developing meaningful activities for children who are blind and visually impaired in your community. And, we invite you join us in our mission by becoming an affiliated program with the National Foundation for Blind Children. Affiliated children’s programs are encouraged to submit their own successful program ideas to be included on our website. Submitted programs will be reviewed and, once accepted, will be posted on the website along with other innovative ideas that help prepare blind children for a successful, independent life.

A teenage girl holds a jack-o-lantern up next to her face Two teens walk with their white canes at Gatorland in Orlando, FL A young girl holds the jawbone of a shark up to her face so that she is looking out from the mouth’s opening