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Our Mission:
“To serve as a resource for families, professionals, schools and organizations in meeting the needs of children who are blind or visually impaired.”


Funding your children’s program may be easier than you think. People are generally very supportive of programs for children. The primary source of funding for the Keystone Kids program comes from donations. You can solicit donations through a membership appeal letter that includes some information about the children’s program as well as a spotlight on one of your kids. Be sure to include pictures!

We do not require children or their parents to pay to attend our programs. We do hold a couple of fundraisers each year in which the children participate. This gives them a sense of responsibility and ownership of the program. Past fundraisers that we have conducted include:
  • candy bar sale
  • frozen stromboli/pie sale
  • holiday card sale (designed by the children and printed in-house)
  • rummage sale and Car Wash
  • spaghetti dinner
  • pancake breakfast
  • dinner theatre (starring the kids!)
  • cell phone recycling

Grants are another source of funding. You can search online to find sources of grant money. If you have not applied for grants before, you may want to attend a grant-writing workshop or find someone with experience who is willing to mentor you during the process. Some grants are project-specific and may even inspire you to plan an event or project that you hadn’t considered before.

Two teenage boys hold ups signs that say rummage sale and car wash A group of kids wash a car A teenage girl holds a spatula as she watches a griddle of pancakes cooking